About Me



Short Introduction

Throughout my childhood, I’ve lived in different parts of the world, Switzerland,The Middle East and Zanzibar. In the last few years I have been based in London.

After a long time of living in constant poverty and with family instability, these factors forced me to struggle as a young woman in a male-dominated environment.

I dedicated my teenage years to helping my family.

As a self-taught painter, pianist and film editor, art became my release to reflect genuine, traumatic experiences that I have faced throughout my life, I share my most private, personal moments, exposed and expressed through surreal metaphors, whereby key moments are witnessed through black humour, fantasies, illusions and absurd moments.

I primarily use myself as my model, my emotions are my main subjects.

I normally portray myself in a world that does not exist anywhere but in my imagination.


I often re interpret old master pieces into a surrealistic concept. I’m trying to capture emotion and turn it into a form of the absurd a type of metaphor as yet unseen.


I suggest a surreal, innovative paradoxical imagery that is sometimes haunting and often contributing nuances that sometimes suggests few meanings.


I work mainly with oil paintings, often depicting sexually disturbing scenes, frequently including predominately feminine figures, I also compose short surrealist films and play and compose piano music.


The main subjects in my work are portraits, food, manners on the table and how one should behave.


I state my memories and opinions through my art in a very surreal, often disturbing but yet in a humorous way.


I express my opinions about the absurdity in real life and create surreal images and I look for contrasts between happiness and sadness.


My paintings are inspired by artists of the Dadaism movement (which later gave birth to the Surrealism movement), painters such as James Ensor.I am fascinated by the 16th century.

My dreams have a huge affect on my paintings, often I will paint scenes depicted in my dreams . My music is influenced mostly by great composers, such as Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Eric Satie, and by my great-grandfather whom I always have somehow felt strong connection to, although I never knew him, as he had died in Auschwitz during the Second World War, he was a true piano maestro and an opera composer during his life. My background influences were all musicians. My films are largely motivated by Hitchcock, Chaplin, Pasolini, Hayao Miyazaki, Almodovar.

In my work I use mainly oil colour on canvas, I’m trying to use the old masters techniques and make some of my own paints, preparing my own canvases and prim them. I do not use the modern way of painting where by projectors will project images onto canvas as is done by some contemporary artists. I use life, still life or photography. My paintings are portraying my emotions and situations in life. I use the medium of film, piano and painting.


2016 – Painting course at Charles Cecil studios

2016 – Painting course at the RA

2014 – 2017 – BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths

2012 – 2014 – Foundation Art and Design at UAL

2011 – Make Up for theatre and fashion at Yarin Shahaf

2005 – 2008 – Drama And Art Performance at Sofi Moskovich